Providing Best Energy Management Solutions

Spend less money on the electricity bill and more on other expenses with the help of Energy MPS in Temple, TX. We offer energy-saving products and services to clients nationwide. Our team is certified to handle incentive management from Oncor and is also providing financing options for our turnkey energy-saving services.


Who We Are

Our company was established in 2013 to help companies lower their overhead costs and increase their profits by becoming more energy-efficient. Through the years, we have worked with housebuilders as well as people in commercial and industrial facilities, and property management companies to reduce their bills.

Our team has been in the lighting and energy management business for more than 10 years. After seeing how helpful our services are to our clients, we decided to expand our business. In 2017, we added lighting distribution to our services so that we would be able to provide contractors with the greatest values for commercial facilities in the lighting industry.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Business

We never received a call from any of our clients to complain about our services, and we did not hear them say that the outcome is not what they’ve thought or the products did not function as they should. Our team is proud that we are trusted by everyone we work with. If you would like to receive quality products, value-driven works, and impressive customer service, work with us.