Donnie Ringler, VP of Don Ringler Chevrolet had this to say,

“We recently completed an energy management project with Energy MPS to reduce our carbon footprint and increase our lighting in certain areas of the Chevrolet dealership. With the newer technology LED lights, we felt it would be a win-win for both our customers and our employees. The new LED lights are much brighter than the old lights and use 73% less energy. The difference between the LED and fluorescent lighting is truly amazing, it is like ‘Night and Day’. Having new lights is rejuvenating. We anticipate increased productivity in the brighter environment. As a local family owned dealership, we are concerned about our environment. We want to be good stewards of all of our resources, for our generation and future generations to come. We do care about our community, our customers, our employees and our environment!”

(Dr. Don Lynn, Pastor of First Christian Church, Temple, TX)

“Our church board decided to complete the energy efficient upgrade due to our increased operating costs. We looked at the numbers and discussed the outcome. We know that energy rates will continue to increase. We wanted to be better stewards of what God has entrusted to us. We want to save as much money as we possibly can. The members of this congregation wanted to reduce our carbon footprint by ‘going Green’ and show our community we care! This project allowed us to do just that and will continue to allow us as a church body to be able to provide more dollars for missions and ministry in the future. Energy MPS worked with our schedule to accomplish this upgrade.”

Pastor Kerry Sharp, Temple Christian Center had this to say,

“We recently completed an energy management project with Energy MPS to reduce our monthly overhead by replacing many of our old inefficient lights with newer energy efficient ones. With the newer technology lights using far less energy than our old lights were using, we felt it allowed us to reduce the amount of money were currently spending in monthly electric bills and be better stewards with what God has entrusted us with. This will allow us in the future to be able to do more within our community and free up additional funds to be utilized in missions and other places. This project with Energy MPS, in Temple, went very smoothly, with minimal disruptions to our schedule. In many areas of the church the light levels increased creating a brighter environment. The new lights look great and if we had to do it again we would. The amount of money that we are currently spending every month in electricity costs is steadily rising, having an opportunity to reduce our monthly electric bill was very appealing to us. Energy MPS provided us with Great service and a ROI on the project so we knew going into this project what we would be saving and how long it would take to achieve our return on investment.”

Robert Graham, Sunbelt Transformers, Temple, TX: 

“We recently completed an energy efficient lighting upgrade with Energy MPS at our Temple facility. The Team at Energy MPS did a fantastic job in handling this for us. These guys were professional, punctual and completed the project ahead of the timeline needed. They worked with Oncor to get us rebates/incentives, and even offered to finance this for us out of the energy savings. We had to other local companies come out and look at this project. Energy MPS was our third call, but they were the first to get us all of the information, (two weeks ahead of the other guys). We cannot say enough great things about them, they have exceeded our expectations.”